Two photographs of the Operations Van

These are the details in the front and rear photographs of the new Midshires Search and Rescue van.

Front view photograph

The front and side of our new operations van, obtained in 2016 with the help of our supporters. It is a white coloured 2016 Vauxhall Movano, registration LR16 URF. It has an extended high-roof to provide room for standing inside. It is heavily decorated on all sides with the Midshires name and logos and hi-visibility emergency vehicle markings, in the manner of emergency vehicles. It is seen here parked alongside the pavement of a country road. A grass verge, hedges and a green field can be seen in the background.

Further details: The van has a distinctive sloping front windscreen and bonnet, and shows the name "Midshires Search and Rescue" in red lettering, and their green logo, above the front windscreen. The name is repeated on the bonnet in reverse lettering to be readable in the mirrors of vehicles in front.

The sides have a line of hi-viz red and white squares from front to back. Above that appear the logos of Midshires SAR and the ALSAR Lowland Rescue organisations. To the rear of them are shown the logos of MSAR's Twitter and Facebook account ids, and the MSAR web address (writing not legible in this photo). The MSAR name appears again along the top edge of each side in large red capitals.

Rear view photograph

Rear and side of the new operations van, showing the double rear doors. The back is covered in hi-viz red and yellow diagonal warning stripes. The Midshires Search and Resue name appears above the doors. On the nearside rear door are the Twitter and Facebook logos and account ids and the MSAR web address (writing not legible in this photo), and the registration LR16 URF. The righthand door shows the MSAR and Lowland Rescue Orghanisation logos.

Repeats of the same logos and web ides and addresses and are shown on the side of the vehicle. It is parked alongside the pavement of a country road, with hedges, a green field and trees in the background.