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Operational member


Midshires welcomes new operational members. The more search volunteers we have, the better the chance of successful search and rescues.

You will need to:

  • be physically fit

  • be of good character

  • have your own transport, mobile phone and Internet access

  • be available for a reasonable proportion of the week to attend callouts

Full training will be provided – this will demand regular attendance at exercises and educational sessions throughout the year in addition to actual call-outs. Basic training encompasses Search Skills, Navigation, First Aid, Radio Communications and Health and Safety, with later opportunity to progress to more advance levels.

Enquiry Form

Thank you for Enquiring with MSAR we will get back to you shortly.

Support Member


As a charitable organisation which offers its services free of charge, Midshires has a support team that is busy throughout the year raising funds from both public donations and grant applications.

This essential role requires dedicated members willing to organise and run fundraising activities and to write detailed applications to charitable trusts and similar providers.

Membership of the support team may be attractive to those not able to engage in the demands of active search, but who would gain satisfaction from keeping the group operational.

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